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Instructional trail Journey around the World

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Route to download
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Třeboň - Health-spa park - Spolský mlýn (Mill Spolský) - Odměny - Třeboň

Detailed route description

Hotel Bohemia-Regent

The instructional trail is suitable for hiking and forms a closed loop around the fish pond Svět (World fish pond). The trail is equipped with resting places with benches, in more difficult parts there are bridges and pole walkways.

Health-spa park

Health-spa in Třeboň are specialised primarily for treatments of locomotory disorders. Treatment is based on packs and baths in sulphurous-ferrous peat. Huge deposits of peat are important natural resource of the Třeboň Region.

Fishpond shores

Flat fish pond shores are dominated by communities of wetland plants (grasses and reeds). Among animals, Muskrat and number of water bird species abound here.

Field boundaries

Field boundaries have important soil-protective and landscape-forming function, they provide shelter for small animals and they provide corridors connecting centres of landscape ecological stability.

Vimperky I

The peat bog Vimperky belongs to the fen bog type and is dominated by waterlogged alder and by communities of several species of willows. The non-wooded parts are formed by stands of reeds and grasses.

Vimperky II

Abandoned holes are used for regeneration of the used peat from the spa "Aurora".

Spolský stream

The whole valley of the Spolský stream forms important biocorridor that connects core of the Třeboň basin with the surrounding parts of the Lišov sill.

Dolní Zlatník fish pond

On the southwest side of the fishpond dam stands a protected tree (Common Oak) with girth 5,6 metres and height 20 metres. Goldeneyes nest in hollows of that tree.

Meadows of the Třeboň Region

The traditional way of farming on the meadows (mowing and grazing) influenced their species composition. At several places herb-rich meadows were formed. However, increasing intensity of farming (fertilization) resulted in decrease of species richness.

Spolský mlýn (Mill Spolský)

The mill with small chapel was built in 1861. Water was coming through the race from Spolský fish pond, which forms the main source of water for fish pond Svět.

Pine woods

In the Třeboň Region the natural pinewoods were found only on peat or sandy soils. Long-term cultivation and breeding of Scots pine and Bog pine resulted in creation of special local ecotype of "Třeboň Scots pine". This ecotype is characterised by long straight trunk with a high quality wood.


The group of three farmhouses is what remained from the former larger settlement formed after construction of fish pond Svět was finished in 1574 as compensation for flooded areas. The original settlement Dvorce was on the opposite side of the fish pond.

Cirkvičný fish pond

 Mentioned already in 1451. After construction of Svět was finished in 1574 it formed part of the new large pond. It was renewed again in 1610 after the water level in Svět fish pond was decreased. Littoral vegetation attracts number of water birds.

Park near Schwarzenbergs´ vault

The park was created on the place of former Pheasantry at the time when the Schwarzenbergs´ vault was constructed in 1874-1877. It is protected as an example of park in an English style.

Svět fish pond

The fish pond Svět was built by Jakub Krčín of Jelčany in 1571-1574. Originally it was connected with the Opatovický fish pond, but due to the low yield the water level was decreased and both ponds were separated by dam.

Šustův pomník (Memorial to Josef Šusta)

Josef Šusta (1835-1914) had an important influence on fish pond management in Central Europe on the second half of the 19th century. His system for increase of fishpond productivity is still in use.

Detailed information you can get on the information boards placed at each stop of the instructional trail.

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