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Safari Resort Hluboká u Borovan

Safari on the Czech way.

Hluboká u Borovan 26
373 12 Borovany

In the Safari Resort in Hluboká u Borovan you can meet as many as 20 kinds of wild animal species in the open air. Off-road tours around the safari are ready for you. For cyclists “bored” by straight tarmac roads we have pumptrack and skilltrack routes. Smaller kids can enjoy themselves at the monkey bars at the so-called Safařiště. If you get hungry or thirsty during these activities, you can grab some food or drinks at “NAŠE FARMA” bistro.


Výlety ze stejné rubriky

After the burning the town Lišov down since 1661 began the priest Stanislav Gajecius to visit the church.



The Schwarzenberger Hospital of the nobility was found on the 2nd of September 1676 by Jan Adolf von Schwarzenberg.

Routes on this place
Longitude: 57,00 km
Sort: Cycling
    Scraps from history

    Scraps from history

    The 13th and 14th century, golden age of Třeboň, The heyday under the reign of the Schwarzenbergs and more- this is history of Town Třeboň.


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