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České Velenice

The town on the southern border of Bohemia.

Informační centrum České Velenice
Revoluční 245,
378 10 České Velenice

The Church of St. Agnes of Bohemia in České Velenice
The church was built in a modern style designed by the Prague architect Pilc. An English park was founded around the church. In 1945, the church was damaged by bombing, later it was repaired. The post-war reconstruction of the church was made in 1945-1947.

GaMu - Gallery and Museum České Velenice
The individual exhibitions include e.g. the history of the railroad, railway workshops, the rise of the city and Beseda House of Culture, trolleybus, cinemas, schools, etc. In addition, visitors may explore thematic exhibitions dedicated to the world of radio amateurs, nature, aviation, etc.

Trolleybus TMG 1907
You can see a replica of the historic trolleybus TMG 1907 and get a lift in it in České Velenice. The first trolleybus line on the Czech territory was built here. In 1907, it began to transport mostly railway employees from the Austrian town of Gmünd to the railway station in Velenice.


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