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What definitely not to miss in Třeboň and its surroundings. Where to go with kids and what to do when it rains. Our tips for trips will help.

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Masarykovo square


The square surrounded by burgher houses with Renaissance and Baroque facades is the natural centre of the whole urban conservation area.... celý článek

5 m od centra města

Veselí nad Lužnicí


The town Veselí nad Lužnicí lies about 25 km to the north from Třeboň and is a part of The Tourist Region of Třeboň.... celý článek

21 km od centra města

The State Castle of Třeboň


In 1366, the house of Rosenbergs became the owner of the Třeboň dominion. In 1602, Petr Vok of Rosenberg chose Třeboň for his residency. After his death in 1611, the castle was inherited by the ...... celý článek

117 m od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 09:00)

The Schwarzenberg Tomb


The Tomb of the House of Schwarzenberg is one of the most architecturally remarkable sights to be visited in South Bohemia. ... celý článek

1 km od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 09:00)

Old Town Hall Tower


The most beautiful views into the green and blue landscape and of Třeboň as “on the palm of a hand” are from the gallery of the 31-metre tall quadrilateral town hall tower. Ithas been a symbol ...... celý článek

59 m od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 09:00)

The Theatre of J. K. Tyl


The theatre that now bears the name of J. K. Tyl was built in 1833. An artistically precious curtain with an allegorical scene of the arrival of Apollo with his company to the town, by the painter ...... celý článek

92 m od centra města

Štěpánek Netolický House


Štěpánek Netolický House can be found in the historic centre of town, in the Masaryk Square. There is a visitor centre and a permanent interactive educational exhibition dedicated to the Třeboň ...... celý článek

23 m od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 10:00)

The House of Nature of the Třeboň Area


The visitor centre of the Třeboň Protected Landscape Area (PLA) situated in the castle provides information about the countryside, educational paths and points of interest in the area. The permanent ...... celý článek

143 m od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 10:00)

The Church of Our Lady and St. Giles and the Augustinian Monastery


The decanal church is mentioned as a parish church as early as 1280. After the founding of the Augustinian monastery in 1367, the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style. At that time, presumably the ...... celý článek

128 m od centra městaprávě zavřeno (otevíráme v 15:00)

Spa Třeboň - Berta's Spa


Třeboň peat spas have more than 130 years of tradition based on the use of a natural medicinal resource - peat. The properties of the peat obtained from the peatlands of theTřeboň marshlands prove ...... celý článek

237 m od centra města

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