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The Theatre of J. K. Tyl

The theatre that now bears the name of J. K. Tyl was built in 1833. An artistically precious curtain with an allegorical scene of the arrival of Apollo with his company to the town, by the painter František Skála from Písek, is a part of the decoration in the theatre.

The inside of the modern foyer conceals the entrance to the magnificent historic interior of the theatre in the Empire style. It has an exquisite painted curtain, one of the oldest still working in the whole country. The building itself has been here since 1833 and is one of the oldest burgher theatres in existence. It is named after the famous Czech playwright and actor Josef Kajetán Tyl. Czech and international theatre and music personalities such as Otýlie Sklenářová-Malá, Jindřich Mošna, Otakar Ševčík, František Ondříček, Jan Kubelík, Antonín Dvořák and Emmy Destinn have performed on the Třeboň stage.

Puppet theatre

Třeboň also has a long and famous tradition of puppet theatre dating back to 1921. Nowadays the tradition is kept by the Club of Puppet Theatre (Spolek loutkového divadla). For puppet lovers a new puppet scene was opened in 2012 on the site of the original exhibition room Under the Tower (Pod věží).


Výlety ze stejné rubriky



Playing with magic and illusions.


After the burning the town Lišov down since 1661 began the priest Stanislav Gajecius to visit the church.


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