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The House of Nature of the Třeboň Area

The visitor centre of the Třeboň Protected Landscape Area (PLA) situated in the castle provides information about the countryside, educational paths and points of interest in the area. The permanent exhibition “Landscape and People” offers visitors a unique look into the history and development of the Třeboň landscape, entertaining and educating activities for the whole family and thematic films.

areál zámku Třeboň - přístup ze zámeckého parku

The House of Nature of the Třeboň Area is the visitor centre of the protected landscape area and of the biosphere reserve Třeboňsko, it belongs to a chain of Houses of Nature in the Czech Republic. It is situated in the west wing of the castle and provides information on nature, educational and hiking trails and points of interest in the landscape of the Třeboň area.

The interactive permanent exhibition „Landscape and people” introduces the historic development of the landscape, the works of the Renaissance fish pond builders, the story of the healing peat and especially the exceptional natural richness of the Třeboň area. In the video room visitors can watch the films A year in the landscape of wetlands and A Fisherman´s day.

The first introduces the countryside of the area throughout the seasons. In the other you spend a day at the fish pond harvest. Each of the rooms has its own video booth with additional information on individual topics. The exposition also offers entertaining and educational activities for visitors of all age groups. Children are welcomed by the mascot and guide of the House of Nature – an oak dwarf called Milda Dubulík. The first fishponds were established in the Třeboň area in the second half of the 14th century. Dvořiště and Bošilec ponds are reported to be the oldest. The golden era of fish farming came in the 16th century, along with the names Štěpánek Netolický, Jakub Krčin of Jelčany and Sedlčany and Mikuláš Rutard of Malešov. More than 500 large and small ponds form 16 systems in the Třeboň area, the best known of which being the Naděje and Chlumec systems.


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