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Water tower and buddhist art gallery

An author´s replica of Kotěra´s water tower at Zelená liška in Prague was built in Třeboň in 1909. Water was originally pumped to the tower from a 10m deep well by a petrol pump. After the 2nd World War the tower was decommissioned. At present it is a Buddhist art gallery.

Na Kopečku
379 01 Třeboň

The water tower in Třeboň Na Kopečku is a very valuable industrial monument built in 1909 in the Geometric-Modernism style after the design of the prominent Czech architect prof. Jan Kotěra. Originally, the tower pumped water from a 10-metre deep well with a petrol pump. It served the town with drinking water until 1966. The volume of the water reservoir in the upper part of the tower is 300 m³. At present it is registered as an architectural cultural monument. Since 2012 the renovated building has housed a Buddhist art gallery with a permanent exhibition of arts from Mongolia, Tibet and China. The 32-metre high landmark offers a good view of the countryside. You can enter “The Garden of Mercy“, a meditation park with the statues of the Bodhisattva Kuan-Jin, Goddess of Healing and Mercy and the memorial to the WWII casualties. The gallery and meditation garden were built as a part of the Asian Cultural Centre in Třeboň, which organizes various cultural, educational, scientific and social events.


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