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The Veselí Sand Pits

Five separate gravel sand lakes spread through the PLA and the Třeboňsko Biosphere Reserve, situated between the town of Veselí nad Lužnicí and the municipalities of Horusice and Vlkov on 240 ha of the Veselí Sand Pits area. They are used for recreational purposes.


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Štěpánek Netolický House can be found in the historic centre of town, in the Masaryk Square. There is a visitor centre and a permanent ...


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Since May 2022 you can visit new reconstructed premises of the Chateau Pharmacy Třeboň. Its whole year working brings fun also in the cool ...


"Třeboň in Marzipan", an exhibition with gallery, chocolate bar and workshop, has opened at the Třeboň square.

    Scraps from history

    Scraps from history

    The 13th and 14th century, golden age of Třeboň, The heyday under the reign of the Schwarzenbergs and more- this is history of Town Třeboň.


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