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The Schwarzenberg Tomb

The Tomb of the House of Schwarzenberg is one of the most architecturally remarkable sights to be visited in South Bohemia.

Schwarzenberg Tomb Admisson

Admission typeCZ languageForeign language
Full110 CZK140 CZK
Youth (18 - 25 years), seniors90 CZK110 CZK
Children (6 - 18 years)
Children under 6 years FREE
60 CZK70 CZK
More information: https://www.zamek-trebon.cz/en/plan-your-visit/admission

One of the most remarkable architectural monuments to be found in South Bohemia is the Schwarzenberg Tomb in the beautiful English park on the bank of Svět fish pond. It was commissioned by princess Eleonora of Schwarzenberg and her husband Jan Adolf II. The original project by Friedrich Schmidt was adapted by the princely builder Damasius Deworetzky. The tomb itself was built together with the complicated drainage system under ground level between 1874 and 1877. The Neo-Gothic two-storeyed tomb is in the shape of a regular octagon. In the chapel of God the Redeemer there is a Neo-Gothic altar from white sandstone and Istrian marble. In the vault of the tomb there are 26 coffins with the remains of members of the Schwarzenberg family. For its Romantic environment and excellent acoustics the chapel is frequently used for various concerts. 


Výlety ze stejné rubriky

Playing with magic and illusions.




After the burning the town Lišov down since 1661 began the priest Stanislav Gajecius to visit the church.

    Scraps from history

    Scraps from history

    The 13th and 14th century, golden age of Třeboň, The heyday under the reign of the Schwarzenbergs and more- this is history of Town Třeboň.


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