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Spa Třeboň - Berta's Spa

Třeboň peat spas have more than 130 years of tradition based on the use of a natural medicinal resource - peat. The properties of the peat obtained from the peatlands of theTřeboň marshlands prove to be very effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. In addition to classical treatment stays the spas offer short relaxing stays or the opportunity to take individual baths or massages.

The Berta’s Spa is situated in the historical centre of Třeboň, in the vicinity of the urban monuments preservation area near the Golden Canal. Accommodation is provided both in the main building and in the lodgings. There are many therapeutic and wellness treatments on offer, a relaxation swimming pool with whirlpool and steam cabin, sauna, gym, sports park with a tennis hall and outside courts, squash, bowling, cosmetics treatments and overall enjoyable time spent in the spa restaurants and bars.


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