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Route to download
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„OUR HOP HAS DIVINE POWER, WE ARE ALL FIRED UP FOR THE ENJOYABLE WORK.“ This inscription can be read on the facade of the Bohemia Regent ...


The decanal church is mentioned as a parish church as early as 1280. After the founding of the Augustinian monastery in 1367, the church was ...


The square surrounded by burgher houses with Renaissance and Baroque facades is the natural centre of the whole urban conservation area.


The theatre that now bears the name of J. K. Tyl was built in 1833. An artistically precious curtain with an allegorical scene of the ...


Behind the Hradecká Gate you can visit the exhibition of trackages with working train models, buildings and little figures.



Do you want to cruise around the World in 50 minutes? Now you have an excellent opportunity.


Behind the Hradecká Gate the Water Lady resists the stream of the Golden Canal – a ceramics sculpture by two students of ČVUT, Tereza ...


The unique technical water work – Golden Canal – was designed and built in the years 1506–1518 by Štěpánek Netolický and is an ...


While walking around the town, you will surely discover a world of diverse flavours and scents. You should definitely not miss the local ...


The most beautiful views into the green and blue landscape and of Třeboň as “on the palm of a hand” are from the gallery of the ...


Třeboň museum and gallery offers its visitors a permanent exhibition called The Story of the Town of Třeboň in Eight Centuries which ...


Štěpánek Netolický House can be found in the historic centre of town, in the Masaryk Square. There is a visitor centre and a permanent ...


In 1366, the house of Rosenbergs became the owner of the Třeboň dominion. In 1602, Petr Vok of Rosenberg chose Třeboň for his ...


Třeboň peat spas have more than 130 years of tradition based on the use of a natural medicinal resource - peat. The properties of the peat ...


"Třeboň in Marzipan", an exhibition with gallery, chocolate bar and workshop, has opened at the Třeboň square.