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Top Events in Třeboň

The historical centre of Třeboň is regularly in the main season full of visitors, which are eager to experience the TOP events of the year.

Poetic Třeboň

Southbohemian competition show of artistic recitation, theatre and poetry, which is not only about competition.

Experience Třeboň in a different way

Experience Třeboň in a different way - its a name of the neighbour festivities, which are annualy held in June.

Around Třeboň Music Festival

The summer in Třeboň starts at the turn of the months June and July with loads of music.

Třeboňská nocturna

A summer festival of classical music whose aim it is to bring top Czech and foreign performers to Třeboň and to offer visitors to the town music that at other ...

Historic festivities of Jakub Krčín

Only for one day of every year is the famous fishpond builder Jakub Krčín realesed from hell. The more he celebrates his one-day freedom.

Kačka v hučce (Coin in the Cap)

When the street artists (jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians, actors, clowns etc.) liven up the centre of the town....

St. Wenceslas Festivities

Traditional annual autumn festivities of the patron of the Czech lands, brewers and winemakers takes place in Třeboň at the end of September. Riding a ...

Fairytale Třeboň

You can visit a puppet theatre regularly every month in Třeboň. But at the turn of the months October and November festival Fairy-tale-Třeboň is held.

Třeboň full of angels

Only once a year it happens, to town come the angels. Everyone holds his breath, the spirit of Christmas shrouds every heart. There is no place for evil magic ...

House of Nature

Štěpánek Netolický House